Wednesday, January 14, 2009

While my daughter was sewing, my grandson Miles found a new can of Nestle's Quick chocolate mix and managed to pry the lid off. By the time Mom realized it was 'too quiet', the damage was done. He looks like an alien from Planet Chocolate!

I used Dea Spina's kits 'An Answer From A Flower' and 'La Maison'. Both are available at her Digitals Store HERE.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am starting an album about me and thought that I need to journal more, so this is the beginning page. It reads:

'I am not a good sleeper. Many nights that is a problem. Usually I give up and get up.
In the SPRING, I love to sit on the patio and wait for the red shouldered blackbirds to arrive at the feeders. Theirs is my favorite birdsong. In the SUMMER, I head for the garden as the sun comes up. It is the best time to work, when the soil smells fresh and the air is still cool. In the FALL, I walk in the cool morning air. All the neighborhood trees are beginning to change color and the season invigorates me. But when the CHRISTMAS SEASON comes around, the wee hours of the mornings find me in front of the Christmas tree, before anyone is up. It is one of my great pleasures. It is still cold and dark outside, but so warm and cozy inside. I turn the tree lights on and I light up my little winter village, grab a cup of fresh coffee and sit on the couch. This is my very favorite time of year. I think of all that I have and how grateful I am for my life, my faith and my extraordinary family. And I think about my mom who died at Christmastime. She was such a blessing to so many and I sorely miss her. My family has started telling me how I am so much like my mom. I certainly hope so. Most of all, I think about the season and how it seems to make everyone softer, kinder, more compassionate. And after all, I believe that really is what happened to people on that First Christmas so long ago.'

Thanks to Dea Spina for her kit 'A Fantasy Tale', available here:

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